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Service and after sales

Daikin’s After Sales and Service Division

To provide a high quality of after-sales care, Daikin has also continued to expand its Service and After Sales Network. A network of regional Daikin service managers and a comprehensive service dealership to provide full support and quality of service to satisfy and support customers’ needs, no matter where they are in the world.In order to provide customers with the best service possible there is a specially dedicated service and after sales website providing:

  • 24 Hour technical support
  • Training Seminars by qualified engineers
  • On-line ordering of spare parts and parts search along with prices
  • On-line warranty Claims applications
  • Latest service related news
  • Software downloads for the controller
  • Download tools programme that allows customers to check the data history of controllers

Visit the Daikin After Sales and Service Website at:

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Daikin Touch and Feel Seminars

Get to know the Daikin unit up close

We realise that some of you haven’t had the opportunity to actually get up close to a Daikin unit and see just how easy it is to use. We’d like to give you that opportunity and also the chance to meet our service and sales staff face to face.

We started these sessions last year on the West Coast of the USA in 2007 and they have proved hugely popular. Anyone interested in joining these seminars or in finding out about an upcoming seminar near you, please contact the relevant person in your area by visiting our contacts page.

Contact us

  • Features and functions unique to Daikin o How easy it is to set up the machine
  • How the machine works o How to change settings ? and change set points
  • Turning unit on and off o Downloading data from the controller
  • Introducing the Daikin controller o How the hot gas defrost system works
  • Parts distribution o Fault codes
  • Warranties o Technical Support
  • Further in-depth training seminars near you
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