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September 15, 2017

DAIKIN To Boost Active CA Uptake With Appointment Of AH HUAT GOH



New hire with significant experience of controlled atmosphere technology illustrates commitment to DAIKIN Active CA, and new approach to cargo care


OSAKA, 14 September 2017: Daikin Reefer, a leading global supplier of container refrigeration equipment, announced today that it has appointed Mr Ah Huat Goh to the position of General Manager, Global Marketing and Service, Reefer Container Department. Goh joins Daikin Reefer with a wealth of experience of reefer technology and cargo management, gleaned through previous roles in both reefer manufacturer and shipping company settings. This new hire underlines Daikin’s commitment of innovation on reefer technology, which is creating the opportunity for both shippers and shipping lines to provide new services and deliver added value to their customers.


Before joining Daikin, Mr Goh spent 14 years as Director, Technical Services – Global Reefer Trade at APL where his role focused on reviewing and developing reefer technology and cargo management available. For the 13 years prior to that, Mr Goh acted as regional service manager for Carrier Transicold.


As global populations and average salaries grow, the reefer segment continues to expand. Advances in innovative controlled atmosphere (CA) technologies have enabled the carriage of new cargoes on increasingly diversified routes. Food and other sensitive perishable products undergo ageing processes during transit that can have a significant impact on their commercial viability. CA allows them to be transported in optimal conditions and for extended periods of time, elongating shelf life and allowing products to be commercially viable for longer.


Mr Goh commented: “Having been wholly focused on reefer technology development including controlled atmosphere technology and its development for the reefer business since the 90s, I’ve experienced perspectives of both reefer manufacturer and shipping company. During my career, I have also invested significant energy in understanding the growers’ needs.


In my opinion, active CA technology has clear benefits over passive solutions, and I’m excited about the potential of Daikin’s Active CA, as I can see that it represents a new and innovative approach to cargo care.”


Adapted from Daikin’s oxygen concentrator, which was developed for use in the medical industry, Daikin’s new Active CA technology is the only active – rather than passive – technology on the market. It is based on vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA), an active atmosphere separation technology that can create the optimal controlled atmosphere very quickly. VPSA uses the mineral adsorbent zeolite to capture a large quantity of nitrogen from the air and transfer it into the reefer container, allowing oxygen levels to be quickly reduced, without the need for additional nitrogen gas injection.


Unlike passive CA, which relies on produce respiration, Daikin’s Active CA produces nitrogen rich gas to the reefer container with inbuilt equipment, reducing oxygen density rapidly. This puts the fresh produce to “sleep” in a matter of a day or so, leading to longer shelf-life at the destination. In addition, produce loses its water content from respiring. Active CA’s ability to put the produce to sleep quickly minimises loss of water content.


Daikin Reefer president, Shin Furuta, explained: “Daikin is serious about Active CA and its future potential, and the appointment of Mr Ah Huat Goh, with his wealth of knowledge and expertise, illustrates that commitment. With advances in technology, shipping is now capable of taking cargoes that previously had to be carried by expensive air freight. We believe that Active CA will provide shipping lines with the capability and versatility needed to better compete for new cargoes, such as cut flowers. Shippers will benefit from the cost reduction achieved through transportation by sea rather than air.”


In addition to high respiring cargo such as avocados and bananas, with Active CA, it is now possible to transport cherries and blueberries, which are generally considered difficult to transport under passive CA, due to their low respiration rates. Due to a less stringent air tightness test, the Active CA can be used for longer CA application compared to Passive CA. The positive inside pressure created by the nitrogen gas injection prevents the ambient air from entering the container. DAIKIN Active CA has the ability to revolutionise the reefer market, opening up new cargo routes as well as competition for new types of cargo.


As a leader in reefer technology, Daikin continues to push the boundaries – innovating new technology for cargo management that fulfills the needs for its customers.


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