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February 21, 2016

SCF visit Daikin Refrigeration Suzhou (DRS) factory

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May 2015; Mr. Richard Sykes (CEO of SCF) visited DRS with his team, Mr. Ian Richardson (SCF Operations Manager, China) and Mr. Alex Wallis (Engineering Director). They were impressed with the DRS factory and unique Daikin features such as Auto-pump down, hot gas defrost system, DCCS Evaporator coating, and much more. Following our meeting, Richard is confident about operating LXE units for 20FT in Northern Australia (Darwin) for island transport. SCF have purchased 22 Daikin LXE units as their first order.

SCF, one of largest container operators in Australia, is increasing its Daikin fleets in Australia as Daikin is being readily accepted by customers. They are an Australian based and domestic leasing company, operating mainly special containers such as 45FT refrigerated containers for railway use. There are about 300 reefers and 30,000TEU container in the SCF fleet. SCF is one of largest container traders (Purchase/Leasing containers) in Australia and are looking to expand their business in New Zealand as well.

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