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Reefer Technology

More Than 40 Years Experience and Achievements

DAIKIN introduced the LXE Series to the industry over 10 years ago. The high reliability of these products is reflected in the ever-growing number of satisfied customers.

Energy Saving Technology

DTMS ( Daikin Temperature Management System)

A unique temperature management system featuring outstanding control technology.
Reduce power consumption while maintaining accurate temperature control

Chemical Technology

World Major Supplier of Refrigerant

We also supply the refrigerants that determine refrigeration efficiency, all developed in-house.

Air-Conditioning Technology

Global No.1* Air-Conditioning Manufacturer and Supplier of Scroll Compressors

DAIKIN is also the world’s leading manufacturer of the scroll compressors at the heart of air conditioners. For 20 years, we have supplied over 1.2 million units annually. Providing unique, high efficiency control, they enable significant energy saving for low-cost operation.

*2010 world sales leader in air conditioners


Powerful Cooling Capacity

Sufficient cooling capacity for both non pre-cooled cargo and deep frozen cargo ensures reliable transportation.

Sensitive Temperature Control

To protect fresh products from freeze damage, LXE Series units provide uniform supply air temperature with suction modulation and discharge gas control. This precise temperature control protects fresh products from freeze damage and moisture loss.


Hot Gas Defrost & Dehumidification

Daikin’s hot gas system provides faster defrosting and with less heat escaping into the cargo area, improving conditions for the cargo. For dehumidification the DAIKIN LXE hot gas system provides a fully controllable and powerful product ensuring excellent conditions for your cargo.

Auto Pump Down

This unique system automatically isolates the refrigerant for safe replacement of parts. The procedure is easy and requires no special skills as well as being convenient, which is also an environment-friendly feature.

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