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With DAIKIN Active CA, the O2 concentration can be brought down to your desired level quickly. Because we self-inject nitrogen rich gas in in to the container, it takes only 2 days, half the time compared to other Passive CA systems used today.

DAIKIN Active CA is capable of transporting a wide variety of cargo, regardless of it’s respiration rate. Not only limited to high respiring cargo such as bananas, avocados and asparagus, leaf vegetables such as lettuce and spinach, and other perishables such as citrus, satsuma mandarins, broccoli and strawberries have been transported using DAIKIN Active CA.

These advantages allow you to expand your cargo range and trade routes


DAIKIN Active CA uses an oil free compressor and adsorption cylinder
Because our compressor is oil free, there is no need to worry about your cargo absorbing the oil smell
Our Adsorption cylinder uses the same technology that has been used for our medical oxygen concentrator device, making the air injected in to the container high in reliability and quality

Our highly reliable machine can maintain the high quality of your fresh produce


With other types of CA, the inside of the container is under negative pressure
Meaning that if the BOX is slightly old and lacks air tightness, Oxygen from the outside atmosphere is bound get inside the container. This can lead to cargo damage very easily and limits the BOX quality that the CA device can be installed to On the other hand, with DAIKIN Active CA, the positive pressure inside of the container does not let air from the outside to intrude in to the container
Not only does this prevent potential cargo damage from air leakage, but it allows the DAIKIN active CA to be installed to aged, used boxes as well, who’s air tightness may slightly be inferior compared to a brand new BOX

DAIKIN Active CA Brochure (English)(1.2MB)

DAIKIN Active CA Brochure (Español)(1.2MB)

DAIKIN Active CA Brochure (日本語)(1.2MB)

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